The benefits of private group workshops

Starting Ceremony of private drum building workshop

Creating unique experiences through workshops and other similar events is a special gift we share with the world here at Archaic Roots. These experiences can have many benefits for small private groups, and no two are the same.

These benefits can range from team building to group experiences to look back on and enjoy via the instruments you made, the various topics you learned more about, and the pictures and memories you make. This article will discuss a few of the various benefits that can be gained via private workshops and how you can request a private workshop for your group.

What kind of groups?

We can provide private workshops for a wide variety of groups large and small. Whether scheduled here at our workshops space in the Appalachian mountains, or at a venue of your choosing. Our workshops can be built to suit a almost any group.

Prepping hide for drum making workshop
  • Scout Troops (Boy and Girl Scouts)
  • Private Groups (friends, co-workers, family)
  • School Groups (k-college)
  • Church Groups
  • Business Groups (team building)
  • Wedding and Private Event Groups
  • Family Vacation Groups

The options are endless when it comes to the variety of groups we can facilitate workshops with.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of group workshops are vast. These can include simple obvious benefits such as wonderful bonding experiences or and memories. Private workshops for groups can also benefit each individual with empowering experiences and learning new skills.

Native American Style Flute making workshop 2018

Team building is one benefit that many companies, large and small, are looking toward group workshops to achieve in their own organizations. In recent years team building programs have boosted organizations with better communication and inter-personal skills and great fun bonding experiences.

These kinds of workshops provide unique experiences that can provide an assortment of benefits to those who attend.

  • Team Building
  • Relaxation
  • Educational
  • Empowering
  • Great Memories
  • Unique Experience
  • Learning new skills
  • Inter-Personal Skills
  • Better Communication
  • Fun Times
  • Bonding Experiences

What kind of group workshops does Archaic Roots offer?

Drum building workshop- weaving rawhide

Archaic Roots offers all kinds of fun and empowering workshops for private groups. These workshops can be fine tuned to your group and expectations.

Whether it’s a simple indigenous instrument presentation, drum circle (group music making) facilitation, or one of the many instrument building workshops we provide, we can work with whatever time frame or budget.

How can we schedule a workshop with our group?

Give us a call so we can discuss the specifics of your group and your proposed goals. We customize each workshop to your group size and goals, so no two workshops are the same. Call us today to discuss your private group workshop!

Schedule your group workshop!

Contact us today and get your private group workshop reserved.