If you have an indigenous drum (djembe, doumbek, frame drum, damaru, bata, and many more) that requires repair or re-building, Archaic Roots provides professional djembe servicing and re-skinning.

We repair drums from all over the world. Most drums are shipped to us, but we can schedule a personal pick for some drum repair jobs regionally.

Djembe Drum Rebuilding:

Djembe re-skinning for large drums starts at $175 (including new skin & rope). Sometimes, further work and or materials may be necessary or recommended (i.e. replacement metal rings and welding, woodwork and body repair)

New rope and hairless skin for a large djembe starts at $75, which is included in the service cost.

All jobs taken on will be carefully inspected on receipt and quoted accordingly.
We gladly offer discounts for schools, education centers, non-profits, and more.

Re-tuning Rope Drums

  • Fine-tuning (including a tuning lesson) $25
  • Full tune up (vertical ropes need pulling) $40

Drum Repairs

Archaic Roots provides experienced artisan techniques, so if you have any other problems (cracked shell, broken rings, sharp rim), I’ll assess the drum and see how I can help.

Please call 404-456-9932, email info@archaicroots.com, or contact me here.

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