If you have an indigenous drum (djembe, doumbek, frame drum, damaru, bata, and many more) that requires repair or re-building, Archaic Roots provides professional djembe servicing and re-skinning.

We repair drums from all over the world. Most drums are shipped to us, but we can schedule a personal pick for some drum repair jobs regionally.

Djembe Drum Rebuilding:

Djembe re-skinning starts at $150 (including new skin & rope). Sometimes, further work and or materials may be necessary or recommended (i.e. replacement metal rings and welding, woodwork and body repair)

All jobs taken on will be carefully inspected on receipt and quoted accordingly.
We gladly offer discounts for schools, education centers, non-profits, and more.

Re-tuning Rope Drums

  • Fine-tuning (including a tuning lesson) $20
  • Full tune up (vertical ropes need pulling) $40

Drum Repairs

Archaic Roots provides experienced artisan techniques, so if you have any other problems (cracked shell, broken rings, sharp rim), I’ll assess the drum and see how I can help.

Please call 404-456-9932, email info@archaicroots.com, or contact me here.

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  • Doumbek Repair
  • Native American Drum Repair
  • Frame Drum (Medicine Drum) Repair
  • Powwow Drum Repair
  • Dun Dun Repair
  • Tabla Repair
  • Ashiko Repair
  • Peg Drum Repair
  • Damaru Drum Repair
  • Bongo Repair
  • Conga Repair

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