Donate to help fund our volunteer events at local schools, drug addiction treatment facilities, youth counseling, and elderly care or retirement homes. Archaic Roots volunteers at many different locations to help bring our educational and group music making services to the community. We need more instruments and funds for expenses to make these free events happen more often, so every dollar counts towards these events and will help setup our non-profit status.

donate for volunteer eventsWhy do we need donations for our volunteer events?

Many of the facilities and schools we volunteer at don’t have the budget to pay for our unique events that help bring joy, laughter, communication, community building and education to the local communities in the southern Appalachia. So any help will help to fund such events and help to bring knowledge and smiles to faces across the area. Taking the time to build an varied instrument collection, commute to and from these events, and the time it takes to facilitate these events is hard to account for within my own budget. Any donation for this cause helps me offer more of these types of events to a larger area and different audiences.


donate kids educational events




Main goals for these donations:

  • Build a larger instrument collection to help include larger groups
  • Pay expenses for travel and time required to volunteer at various locations
  • Extend our service range to a larger community and region
  • Help fund our members certifications for drum and music therapy
  • Help to fund our transition to a non-profit entity
  • Help fund the inclusion of other musicians/artists for these events
  • Bring more smiles, thoughts, concepts to audiences of all ages


Help bring our services to a larger community with every dollar you donate. 100% of the donations go toward the goals above and help give back to our communities. We thank you for your time and consideration for this cause!