Archaic Roots, a manifestation of many years of study, practice, sacrifice and passion for ancient instruments and traditions. The  drums and instruments, indigenous instrument education presentations, drum circle facilitation and instrument building workshops found here are all inspired by traditions of our global ancestors.

We also offer unique experiences with our retreats, personal immersions, and awesome private guest room and primitive artist cabin on the Archaic Roots property, located in the Southern Appalachian wilderness. We can host you and offer you a unique experience while you’re here! Focus on yourself, delve into true wilderness, connect with our Mother Earth, hike to waterfalls, create art and instruments, and much more!!

Looking for repairs on your African drum or native style flute? Reach out and maybe we can help! We offer djembe and other drum re-heading and /or repair services, and repair a number of other indigenous instruments such as flutes, and didgeridoo.

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Native American Style Flute Building Workshop
During this workshop you will be learning how to make your own Native American style flute. We will start with a pre-drilled square flute blank, then we will be making the sound hole (splitting edge) and channel, rounding the blank, carving a totem, adjusting the key, adding the holes and tuning each, decorating the flutes, and discussing the history, culture, and playing techniques. This class usually takes around 6 hours to complete, and you will be birthing your own custom flute by the end of the class.
We try to refrain from using any power tools in this process. Please be prepared to use files, hand drills, sand paper and fire to create your flute. 
April 6, 2019 - April 7, 2019 $140.00 BOOK NOW
Djembe Building Workshop- Spring 2019
This workshop will provide you with all the supplies and guidance necessary to build your own personal djembe drum. During the building process, where you will birth your own drum, I will teach you how to build and take care of your drum, in a sacred setting. This workshop will give you all the knowledge necessary to repair and tune your djembe in the future!  You can choose to place a non-refundable deposit for the event, or make a full payment, each depending on the kind of shell you would like to build.  This class will take place at my studio in the North Georgia mountains near Tallulah Falls, GA; about 1.5 hours away from Atlanta and Asheville. Please consider this trip in your plans for the day. Directions will be given upon receiving your deposit. Remaining payment after deposit is due on day of class, no refunds but rescheduling is welcome. All deposits are required at least 7 days before workshop date. 
April 27, 2019 - April 28, 2019 $150.00$350.00 BOOK NOW
Mystic Arts Immersion Gathering-Spring 2019
Mystic Arts Immersion Gathering was envisioned to be a networking and sharing event; sharing tools & techniques in the cross-cultural shamanic perspective. An eclectic group of facilitators will lead you in tool and instrument making workshops, classes, unique ceremonial spaces, and inspirational experiences in our natural surroundings via hikes and outdoor discussions. Our community will share time, wisdom, and skills to help create a weekend full of learning and reciprocity.    
May 25, 2019 - May 26, 2019 $50.00$210.00 BOOK NOW
Shamanic Smudge Fan Workshop & Hike

Come and learn about the ancient practice of smudging and build your own smudge fan! We will be designing them out of all natural materials that you can both bring, and we will have here. Enjoy the peaceful connection with … Continued

June 15, 2019 - June 15, 2019 $45.00 BOOK NOW

About The Artist- William A. Rodriguez

From a young age I was always intrigued with ancient cultures and my more “primitive” and distant ancestors. That tribal connection and the unique cultural perspectives called to me from the past, almost as if my DNA demanded it. At around 10 years old my interest in learning about ethnic traditions blossomed, which led me into finding “the zone” in karate, meditation, yoga, running and so on.

As a teen I was entranced by the ancestral heritage ingrained in many of my ancestors cultures, and a few years later I found the drum. The drum started me on my path of learning about a multitude of ancient instruments, then learning to repair and make those instruments, which then led into teaching.

I started teaching about indigenous instruments when my oldest son was in pre-k and asked me to bring some in for show and tell, and what started as a few drums being brought to his school, ended up being large collections of instruments and detailed presentations in the later years as he aged.

Now I teach groups like scouts and at festivals and venues facilitating my instrument education presentations and instrument building workshops, braiding culture and traditional knowledge and myth into each presentation. My passion for learning and teaching about indigenous instruments constantly evolves and integrates new history, techniques and cultures. Each event is facilitated in an organic nature, with no two events exactly the same.

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Spirals from the Past- Sea Shell Trumpets

Reading Time: 10 minutes The beautiful conch shell trumpet above was found in Mexico, and is estimated to be over 1,000 years old. At first glance this trumpet may catch your eye; it’s beauty and intricate designs. The fact that intrigues me is that … Continued

The benefits of private group workshops

Reading Time: 5 minutes Creating unique experiences through workshops and other similar events is a special gift we share with the world here at Archaic Roots. These experiences can have many benefits for small private groups, and no two are the same. These benefits … Continued

The Bullroarer- an archaic instrument from our past

Reading Time: 4 minutes The bullroarer, turndun, or rhombus is an archaic instrument used for thousands of years into the past. It seems the whole world utilized this instrument at some point, and it may be one of the oldest in our history. These … Continued

History of our Dome Community- The Other Georgia

Reading Time: 6 minutes By James Kennedy Published Aquarius Atlanta Magazine, August 1994- republished with permission from Don Martin (Editor) 2018 At first, the visitor may get the impression they’ve fallen through a time-warp. And in a way, they may be right. The rural … Continued

What are Binaural Beats (Binaural Frequencies)?

Reading Time: 4 minutes What are binaural beats? Within past articles related to the whistling vessels of Pre-Columbian cultures and Native American flutes; we’ve referenced binaural beats and briefly discussed them and their beneficial qualities. This article will provide detailed information about binaural beats. … Continued

Personal Visionary Immersion

Reading Time: 3 minutes This weekend long retreat is built for you, with the instruments and topics you would like to work on during our time together. Spend the weekend in a your own tent, in our tipi, primitive cabin, or in a private … Continued

Native American Style Flute (Duct flute) History & Construction

Reading Time: 9 minutes Throughout history, many ancient musical instruments were more than just a means of producing pleasing sounds for someone to hear. They often had a deeper cultural or spiritual significance that was expressed through their construction, materials and uses. Flutes of various kinds have been in use around the world for at least 50,000 years.

The Unique Instruments We Call Whistling Vessels- Huaco Silbador

Reading Time: 6 minutes These unique instruments, or shamanic tools as we will later discuss, are called whistling vessels or otherwise known in Spanish as huaco silbadors. Most of the original vessels are estimated to have been made around 500 BC – 1200 AD, … Continued