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Private Immersion (workshops and more)


One of a kind experience!

Custom build your immersion based on your personal goals and interests!

Build instruments, hike waterfalls, personal sound journey experiences, make art, fireside stories and music making, and more.

Get lost in the forest, to find yourself.

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This weekend long retreat is built for you, with the projects (instruments and more) and topics you would like to work on during our time together. During your personal immersion we can build various instruments like a bamboo didgeridoo, Native American style flute, drums, rattles, or a pit fired ocarina. We can also work on other projects such as a personal smudge fan, dream-catchers, or whatever your heart desires.

Want to explore rarely seen natural treasures in southern Appalachia? Let’s go explore the local waterfalls, trails and more; collect materials for art or instruments, learn about medicinal plants, or discuss historical or cultural aspects of the area or world. Spend the weekend in a your own tent, in our tipi, primitive cabin, or in a private in-dome bedroom with bathroom; it’s all up to you.

We can custom build these immersions to your comfort level and preferred topics. 

A sample immersion could unfold as detailed below. The choice is yours, we have multiple choices on sleeping arrangements, projects, and various outdoor excursions available!!!


  • Arrive and get settled in your chosen accommodation- camping, tipi, primitive cabin, or private room
  • Custom opening ceremony preparing you for the weekend
  • Dinner and discussions, prepping schedule


  • Wake up and prep for the day
  • Waterfall hike gathering materials for art, discussion on medicinal plants
  • Eat prepared lunch at the waterfall
  • Arrive back at the studio and start a project- Building a flute
  • Fireside chatting and discussions on culture while instrument building
  • Cooking dinner on the fire
  • Fireside music making session & storytelling/ or shamanic ceremony


  • Prepared breakfast
  • Early morning walk to the creek with meditation time
  • Ceremony to awaken your new flute and learn to play while enjoying the creek
  • Lunch and discussions
  • Closing ceremony

Project choices:

  • Instruments– Didgeridoo, Bull-roarer, Flute, Ocarina, Rattle, & Drum (various kinds)
  • Other choices- Smudge Fan, prayer pipe “peace pipe”, dream-catcher, medicine bag, shamanic arts, Indigenous Instrument Education, Sound Journey, Shamanic Ceremony
  • Primitive Skills- Basic Medicinal Plants, Friction Fire, Shelter Building, Fire Making, Survival Skills
  • Plus- Waterfall & Wilderness Excursions, Kayaking, Hiking, Ancient Site Visiting
  • Accommodation- Your Tent, Tipi, Primitive Cabin, or Private In-Dome Bedroom + Bathroom

Come connect with our ancestral roots in a personal & unique cultural exposure. Walk barefoot and connect deeply with ancient cultures and traditions. Breath in fresh mountain air and sit around a fire discussing life, personal transformation, or learning how UFOs influenced the creation of the dome community you’re visiting. Custom build your transformation experience in a one of a kind personal weekend or week long immersion.

Pricing various depending on accommodations and projects completed during the immersion.

Starting at $400!

Offering sliding scale pricing and/or bartering for those who could benefit.  Feel free to reach out for more info and options.

Contact William today to discuss your personal immersion!!! 404.456.9932

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