Going out into the community and sharing my educational presentations on indigenous instruments is such a joy. I started this when my oldest son was in preschool, I would volunteer my time to bring various instruments in and educate the kids. I try to include many aspects of each instrument; including it’s origins, cultural significance, cultural stories related to the instrument, and demonstrations on how to play or build each one.

This has evolved to include each of my child’s classes every year and beyond into the community. Learning about the various indigenous cultures, combined with the team building and creative outlets of playing these instruments has very positive impacts on everyone.




Presentations unique for your group

  • Customize information based on age group and topics requested
  • Focus on certain regions, instruments, cultures, or historical time frame
  • Review history, cultural significance, regions, development, and science of sound creation
  • Included music making portion (drum circle facilitation)
  • Added instrument making workshops upon request (budget required)
  • General overview of all instruments available

Each presentation helps introduce the viewers to a few major healing salves that most indigenous cultures recognize as very important. The inclusion of story telling, song or drumming, and dance into each presentation; carries the viewers on a healing journey. These three important aspects have sparked bright lights into so many eyes, and smiles so big they would swell your heart, all without knowing they are integrating simple healing techniques used cross-culturally around the world.

I am inclined to share my knowledge of these instruments with any group, the sharing of culture is very important. Since making music was one of humanities first known art forms, sharing these various instruments with groups who have little knowledge of these wonderful tools is very important. The sharing of culture and it’s ability to open minds, show how similar we all are, and connect us with our ancestors and other relations on this planet is a blessing for me and those involved.


Presentations for an assortment of groups:

  • Scout
  • Public and Private Schools (grade level or class)
  • Church
  • Corporate Teams
  • Homeschool groups
  • Elderly Care facilities

General Presentation Description

Travel the world in this presentation of indigenous instruments. Spanning a large collection of various instruments from our ancient past or indigenous ancestors. You will learn sound making science, historical facts, related myths and culture, and simple building techniques for an assortment of instruments. All of our ancestors created music, which required music making devices, learn about those different technologies with detailed explanations and discussions coupled with physical examples of instruments from all around the world. Enjoy hearing the sounds of each instrument, and attendees experience hands-on participation with various instruments. Each presentation is adjusted depending on age group and interest, either simplifying content or expanding on certain aspects or instrument types, working within each groups goals and capabilities are priority for each presentation.

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