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From a young age I was always intrigued with ancient cultures and my more “primitive” and distant ancestors. That tribal connection and the unique cultural perspectives called to me from the past, almost as if my DNA demanded it. At around 10 years old my interest in learning about ethnic traditions blossomed, which led me into finding “the zone” in karate, meditation, yoga, running and so on. As a teen I was entranced by the ancestral heritage ingrained in many of my ancestors cultures, and a few years later I found the drum. The drum started me on my path of learning about a multitude of ancient instruments, then learning to repair and make those instruments, which then led into teaching. I started teaching about indigenous instruments when my oldest son was in pre-k and asked me to bring some in for show and tell, and what started as a few drums being brought to his school, ended up being large collections of instruments and detailed presentations in the later years as he aged.  Now I teach groups like scouts and at festivals and venues facilitating my instrument education presentations and instrument building workshops, braiding culture and traditional knowledge and myth into each presentation. My passion for learning and teaching about indigenous instruments constantly evolves and integrates new history, techniques and cultures. Each event is facilitated in an organic nature, with no two events exactly the same.


Workshops – Drum Circle Facilitation – Educational Presentations 

Ghana Djembe

Percussion and music are very important to me. For many years I have learned about various ethnic instruments and shared that knowledge through ethnic instrument education presentations & instrument building workshops at local schools or other groups such as Scout troops.

I have expanded on that by integrating group music making via drum circle facilitation and team building workshops. These types of workshops, group music sessions, and educational presentations let me help others through sharing knowledge & stories.




elephant_doumbek ceramic drumNot only do a create drums, but I also specialize in repairing drums and other ethnic instruments. Having spent over half of my life playing drums, I have spent much time learning how to repair the various kinds of drums from around the world, and other ethnic instruments. I love to birth custom instruments for clients ranging from goblet drums such as djembes or doumbeks, frame drums (medicine drums) to Native American flutes, didgeridoos and ocarinas.

I have learned how to tune and create all kinds of these ethnic or indigenous instruments over the years and enjoy working on special instruments from all over the world. Do you have an old instrument that needs repaired or tuned? Contact me and I would love to help!



While navigating this site you will find a number of various art forms ranging from paintings, stone carving, drums and other instruments. This site displays my various creative outlets and passions. In the future, I would love to expand this to include other artist’s gifts within the similar genres, but we will see.

In addition, I often collaborate with other artists. A recent collaboration is a series of ceramic doumbek drums. The shells are made by the talented Celena Schoen. I consider myself a catalyst for connection, and have loved building connections with other artists and businesses!



Monolithic Dome Home Lakemont, gaThe studio is located in the beautiful North Georgia mountains. This is where some of the drum building workshops and drum circles are held. Tucked away down a dirt road sits my dome home/studio and farm. At my studio you may find yourself surrounded by free ranging goats and chickens while making an instrument, or enjoying the fire while engulfed by the beating of drums, the sound of flutes or didgeridoo, during a drum circle.

We offer listings on Airbnb and Hipcamp for visiting the property and studio anytime. Our listings include a private guest room with bathroom inside the dome, a primitive cabin, tipi, and camping.

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