Welcome to our farmstead page! Here at Archaic Roots we also specialize in breeding a heritage rabbit line called silver fox, along with other homesteading outlets such as plants and sustainably harvested products from our property in Southern Appalachia.

Silver Fox Rabbit Breeding

Silver fox is a heritage breed considered in decline, though one of my favorite rabbit breeds overall. We have tried various other breeds such a d’Argent, and other more popular breeds, but silver fox has been our choice to focus on over the last few years.

We utilize rabbits for their manure, pelts, meat, and live rabbit sales. We like to consider rabbits the perfect small farm animal, able to reduce weeds and produce waste as well as create the best manure for farming and enriching soils.

The waste rabbits produce is one of the best by products of raising and breeding these wonderful creatures. We firmly believe every homesteader should have a few of these great animals on their property. Whether you choose to harvest rabbits for food or not, the benefits exceed just the production of meat for these creatures.

We will be offering workshops on all sorts of rabbit care in the future!

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