10 Awesome Benefits of Drumming

1. Drumming can benefit everyone involved

Drumming doesn’t require any training, special talent, or advanced physical abilities. No need to be able to read sheet music or understand music theory. Drumming simple rhythms can offer benefits to everyone involved, even simple rhythms. This practice is over 70,000 years old, that we know of, and is a universal language, transcending race, gender, age, and nationality. All cultures on Earth has some kind of drumming tradition.
Additionally, group drumming and drum therapy is being used for people with brain impairment or injuries, physical injuries, addiction treatment, team building, and much more. Many studies are proving its numerous health benefits for everyone who participates.

2. Drumming boosts the immune system & reduces stress

Over the years many studies have shown that drumming lowers blood pressure and stress hormones. Actively participating in drumming helps reduce stress in many different ways. It can be very fun, it’s physical activity, and it can separate you or divert you from other stressful activities. What better way to relieve stress than hitting on something and making noise?

Drumming is also known for it’s meditative components, inducing relaxed mental states that can help reduce anxiety and tension. Combining drumming with deep breathing and visualization techniques offers more stress reduction benefits. Stress can be very detrimental to your immune system, so anyway to reduce that stress can be very helpful to your immune system.

A medical study by cancer expert Barry Bittman, MD, demonstrated taht group drumming increases cancer killing cells, which in turn helps the body fight cancer and viruses.

drum-therapy3. Drumming promotes deeper self-awareness by helping to promote alpha waves and synchronous brain activity (Hemispheric Coordination)

Drumming activates both sides of the brain and helps the mind balance hemispheric coordination, a event where both halves of the brain are active and the brain waves are synchronized. Since the human mind has two separate sides which usually work at different levels and rates, this synchronization is very beneficial. This coordination can help holistic modes of consciousness, which leads to greater insight, self awareness, and creativity.

The activity of drumming can also increase alpha waves in the brain. This increase in alpha activity can help calm the mind and achieve a meditative state. Group drumming and it’s effects on alpha waves is being increasingly used to help promote treatment of people with addictive personalities and other mental issues.

4. Drumming helps the player release negative feelings and and let go of emotional trauma

The use of drum for therapy has been gaining popularity, helping to treat those who suffer from emotional traumas such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The expressive abilities of drumming can help address emotional issues. Physically the act of drumming can help remove blockages and releases emotions. The vibrations of the sound produced from drumming resonates throughout every cell in the body, stimulating the release of negative cellular memories.

5. Connecting with the self and others while drumming

The sense of community created by group drumming is a very potent shared experience. Used for very successful team building exercises that teach groups to listen to each other, work together, and achieve common goals. Discouraging self-centeredness and isolation, all while promoting group involvement and communication. The drum can also be a personal tool for connection to personal spirit on a deeper level. The members of our community who are sick, addicted, or afflicted with other conditions are usually out of sync with themselves. Helping to sync those people with themselves and with healthy people, helps create the possibility for them to feel and enjoy a healthier state.

6. Drumming connects us to natural rhythms or nature

Natures natural rhythm is all around us, all the time, though most of us are unaware of it. Each piece of our home on this spaceship we call mother earth, and beyond is synchronized to natural rhythms; such as the seasons, or the tides. These natural rhythms rule our exterior and interior aspects, including our bodies on a cellular level. The act of drumming connects us to rhythm, promotes a connection to our natural cycles, and opens our awareness to the natural rhythms all around us.

7. Drumming can provide a direction to take that helps access a higher power

The spirituality, connectedness, and community produced by drumming is amazing; integrating the body, mind, and spirit as one. Once participants achieve a relaxed state, meditative mental state, it is much easier to enter states of higher consciousness. The ability of drumming to coordinate the brain’s two hemispheres, can lead to a greater understanding and insight, which is the baseline for connection to a higher power often hidden during moments of regular consciousness.

8. Drumming creates a requirement to be  in the present moment

The interactive aspects of group drumming forces us to be present in the now. This timing and coordination, helps the participant be grounded in the present moment. This grounding in the present helps release stressful situations of the past and worries of the future are minimized. Through the act of drumming you’re able to live in the now, past and future are dropped to be more present in the activity.

9. Drumming helps us with self expression

The feedback received from playing the drum is immediate. This feedback helps those involved achieve better self-expression and self-realization. Drumming can provide a method for people to hear and be heard, this non-verbal language and communication can help them express themselves. Each drummer participating is both a unique individual and a integral part of the group at the same time.

10. Drumming is really fun & enjoyable

The endorphins released during drumming in the human brain can help excite feelings of happiness and euphoria. These feelings, the integration into a cohesive group, and the joy of making music is a common experience, and very enjoyable for all involved. The act of being part of a whole, that is much greater than the sum of all it’s parts, is very enjoyable for each participant. Drumming is really fun, and the beautiful teamwork that creates the music is always an awesome experience.