Available Commissions

  • Drums (frame, djembes, udus, doumbeks, tamborines)
  • Duct Flutes (ceramic, wood, bone, stone)
  • Pan Flutes (ceramic, stone, wood, bamboo)
  • Quena Flutes (wood, ceramic)
  • Rattles (rawhide, gourd, ceramic)
  • Death Whistles (ceramic)
  • Whistles (wood, bone, ceramic)
  • Mouth Whistles (stone, bone)
  • Singing Vessels “huaca silbado” (ceramic)
  • Conch Shell Trumpets (various shells can be used)
  • Ceramic Trumpets
  • Didgeridoo (bamboo, wood, ceramic)
  • Bullroarer aka Rhombus (wood, stone, ceramic)

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