May 1, 2020 - May 3, 2020

Mystic Arts Immersion Gathering- 2020


Mystic Arts Immersion Gathering 2020: Experience Alternate Perspectives

Mystic Arts Immersion Gathering was envisioned to be a networking and sharing event; sharing tools & techniques in cross-cultural perspectives. This year we will be focused on altered states of consciousness and entheogens, but other workshops will vary from those two subjects as well.




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Skill Sharing – Workshops – Presentations – Free Camping – Nightly Fireside Gatherings

Mystic Arts Immersion Gathering was envisioned to be a networking and sharing event; sharing tools & techniques in cross-cultural perspectives. For this 3rd year of Mystic Arts we will be focused on altered states of consciousness and entheogens, but other workshops will vary from those two subjects as well.

Mystic Arts Immersion Gathering 2020: Experience Alternate Perspectives

An eclectic group of facilitators will lead you in tool and instrument making workshops, classes, educational presentations, unique ceremonial spaces, and inspirational experiences in our natural surroundings via hikes and outdoor discussions. Our community will share time, wisdom, and skills to help create a weekend full of learning and reciprocity.


This is a communal retreat where every attendee and facilitator will live and learn from each other in an intimate environment and life changing experience. Nightly fireside discussions, story sharing, and group music making.

This affordable event will expand connect the best and brightest in our community, in an intimate setting in the northeast Georgia mountains.

Defined schedule coming soon! Here are a few of our current workshop facilitators!


Our highlights may include:

  • Alternative perspectives discussions/workshops
  • Fungi growing workshop
  • Shamanism workshop
  • Entheogen discussions
  • Self-care classes
  • Sound journey sessions
  • Ceremonial tool or instrument making class
  • Defensive techniques training
  • Large community drum circle Saturday night
  • Sacred Smudge discussion & how to make your own fan and smudge bundles
  • Ceremonial spaces & medicine talks
  • Appalachian Folk Healing Practices
  • Community altar celebrating gathering and our perspectives
  • Wilderness excursions with medicinal plant talk, music making, ethical gathering discussion, meditation, waterfall hike
  • Vendor bazaar Saturday; Where all attendees can blanket vend their own products Saturday afternoon!!! Bring your talents!!!


Communal cooking and meals throughout the weekend. Food donations required with ticket fee.


Free camping… Private guest room, primitive artist cabin (sleeps 4-6), and tipi (sleeps 2) available upon request. You can review our listings below.

Artistic Primitive Cabin

In-Dome Guest Room



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Connection Circle
Practice vulnerability, space holding, and deep connection with others in the Connection Circle, facilitated by Moshe Jacobson. In this circle, Moshe will teach the art of holding space, which will allow participants to speak from the heart and share and be heard without judgment. We will also play a couple of communication games that will bring out some very interesting truths (for those who are ready to reveal them)! Participants will leave this circle feeling more authentic and connected themselves and the group. What a great way to start off the weekend!

Moshe Jacobson
Psychedelic Medicine Guide

Moshe Jacobson is a psychedelic medicine guide and integration coach, helping individuals and couples connect to their most authentic truths through intentional medicine journeys with guided preparation and integration. Moshe has studied Nonviolent Communication (NVC), shamanism, tantra, buddhism, and a variety of healing modalities. He has been certified twice as a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and loves to take people out in nature for hiking, backpacking, and camping trips.

Introduction to the Ancient Art of Shamanism

You will receive an explanation of the history of shamanism, its relevance to modern life, and entering trance states. We will review sober versus substance assisted shamanic journeying. We will enter a guided visualization group ceremony utilizing the usefulness of the imaginative state. We will cover basic shamanic tools and their purpose. We will connect to your personal six guardian gateways and call forth your personal primary guide and primary power animal. We will cover the importance of intention, protection, grounding, pillars of growth, and spiritual medicine. We will discuss the upper world, middle world, and lower world, consciousness travel, as well as the principles of soul retrieval. There will be time for questions and discussion after the journey. All items provided.

Taylor Hayes is a psychiatric registered nurse and health coach with years of experience caring for inpatient psychiatric clients across the lifespan. Taylor is the founder of the International Association of Psychedelic Nursing (, works as an active committee member within the American Cannabis Nurses Association, and is an advocate for the integration of psychedelic medicines into the American health care system based in current evidence. She will graduate with a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Master’s of Science in Nursing degree this year. Taylor became interested in psychedelic medicines when their application cured her decade of treatment resistant depression. She was a participant in the world’s first legal women’s psilocybin mushroom retreat at MycoMeditations in Jamaica and has completed the Fundamental and Advanced Modern Shamanism coursework through Blue Morpho Ayahuasca Center in Iquitos, Peru. Taylor has also completed coursework at the Ayahuasca Foundation’s Riosbo Research Center and has spent time studying Huachuma medicine with indigenous healers in the Sacred Valley region of the Andes Mountains. Taylor is a founder of Hope Network Health (, a series of legal psychedelic medicine retreats staffed by licensed, experienced health care professionals. Taylor has experience teaching Kundalini & yin yoga to inpatient psychiatric clients and Brazilian jiu jitsu to children & adolescents. She lives in Auburn, AL and can be located at

Fungi Farming for Your Body and Mind

Allen will teach you the fundamentals of mushroom cultivation. You will learn the principles required to cultivate any mushroom at any scale. You will learn why mushroom cultivation is important and just how easy it is to grow your own. You will receive hands on experience with low tech home cultivation methods. You will receive your own cardboard mushroom spawn to take home. There will be ample opportunity throughout the lesson for Q&A.

About the facilitator:
Allen is the owner of Fungi Farm, the Southeast’s premier mushroom company offering high quality mushroom spawn, ready to fruit blocks, fungi products, and more. Allen is a board member of the Alabama Mushroom Society and has cultivated mushrooms for more than 10 years. He studied Crop, Soil and Environmental Science at Auburn University. While at Auburn, Allen conducted research on mycorrhizal fungi and alternative crop development. Allen became interested in supporting local, alternative agriculture, so he built Fungi Farm. Fungi Farm is located in Dadeville, AL next to the beautiful Lake Martin, 45 minutes from Auburn University. Tours, education, and consulting are available to those interested in learning more about mushroom cultivation, soil biology, laboratory work, and fungi. He can be found at

Psilocybin: The Medicine for Now…the fruit to evolution.

Discussion and lecture focused on the entheogen Psilocybin and it’s uses in the past and present. Tellis will verbally journey through the process of his own work with this medicine, and how it helped him heal his own trauma and drug addiction. Hear stories that express the importance and healing that sacred plants can have on the human pysche, and how utlizing them for your own self-work may help you.

Times are changing, with decriminilization of sacred plants being approved in regions across the world, this lecture will delve into the realm of this work and what’s required.

This organically composed discussion will flow like a river, leading to the ocean of healing and education. Have questions about this this type of work? This will be a great space of learning and sharing about he importance of entheogens.

Entheogen- a chemical substance, typically of plant origin, that is ingested to produce a nonordinary state of consciousness for religious or spiritual purposes.

About the facilitator:
Tellis Dee Johnson

Tellis Dee Johnson, who goes by Tellis Dee, is an Etheogenist (one who utilizes sacred plant medicines) such as rape, tobacco and other psychedelic plants for divine healing, enlightenment and ritualistic purposes.

Tellis Dee came to walk the path of a Didanawasgi, (medicine man in Cherokee) by trying to heal himself of soul trauma and drug addiction for over 5 years. By trade he has been a licensed cosmetologist for over 12 years. In addition to his work with sacred plant medicines, he is an artist and ceremonial fan maker. He has also begun to incorporate healing through the use of sound and transference energy into his practice.

It is his mission to provide access to tools that help people to shift their perceptions and start the process of healing themselves through the use of plant intelligence.

Indigenous Defensive Techniques

Learn the basics of various indigenous defensive techniques focusing on self preservation; such as blow gun, throwing knives, and defensive Chinese Kung Fu tactics. This workshop will give you an overview of these techniques and other indigenous wisdom from around the world.

Sometimes our lives require us to defend ourselves when necessary, this class will give you some insight into various indigenous methods for defense. Akitchitay has been training in a wide assortment of defensive practices for most of his life. He has experience in many aspects of this field and loves to help others empower themselves with simple practices and perspectives.

This class in an introductory into these practices, and a taste of Akitchitay’s future training course that will be available at Archaic Roots. He offers personal training immersions, and also offers group classes for those interested in these self-empowering tools for defense.

About the Facilitator:
Akitchitay UraYoel Carlino
Indigenous Defense Master – Musician – Taino Tradionalist

Akitchitay is a Taino tradionalist who shares his wisdom with those who need it. Over 20 years experience in the Tatino tradition and trained by some of the most well known Taino elders. Akitchitay takes this sacred work seriously, and loves to share native wisdom.

Akitchitay is also a percussionist, who specializes in Taino songs and is also a known craftsman of Taino style drums. He has many years experience pouring Taino lodges (Kansi ceremony) and leading other Taino ceremonies for the people. He also has a lifetime of training in various martial arts from around the world.

Rhythms of Life- How Drumming Correlates to Living

What is rhythm and how does that relate to life as we know it?

The pulses of the universe around us have dramatic influence on the human pysche and our daily life.

From the cycles of the moon or sun, to the seasonal rhythm of the earth, our lives are built around these natural patterns. Some of these rhythms are consistent, and some can be very random. This lecture compares the natural rhythms around us and how they correlate to the patterns and cycles of our lives, while also sharing the history of drumming influences humanities evolution.

Just as the consistency of the sun is necessary to give life to the plants, so are the patterns of our lives necessary for us to grow and evolve ourselves. Sometimes rhythms most important aspects are the silent spaces, just like times of reflection are needed for ourselves to really excel.

Learn about the importance of drumming and rhythm in relation to humanity. While also braiding in the knowledge of how the use of the drum to create rhythm for healing, music, and ceremony importantance for humanities understanding of nature and lifes cyclic patterns.


William A. Rodriguez
Visual Communications Specialist – Indigenous Instrument & Ceremonial Tool Maker – Educator – BSA Merit Badge Counseler – Amateur Enthomusicologist & Organologist – Ceremonialist – Father

William has over 20 years in the visual communications field, runnning the same business since he was 18 years old and receiving a BFA in that industry. He also owns and operates Archaic Roots, which provides custom instruments and ceremonial tools, indigenous instrument making workshops, educational presentations and other events such as Mystic Arts and Root Gathering.

Combining his lifetime of study in various cultures, religions, instruments, and communications has culminated in the blossoming of Archaic Roots. You can find his in-depth research articles on our website, along with various hand-made or Fair-Trade instruments/tools and tickets to all of the events offered.

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