Drum Repair: Re-building ~ Re-tuning ~ Repair

If you have a djembe or other traditional drum that requires repair or re-building, Archaic Roots is the parent company for Pachamama Drums & Repair provides professional djembe servicing and re-skinning with many years of experience. I repair drums from all over the southeast, from Metro Atlanta to Asheville. I usually schedule a personal pick for most drum repair jobs, but you can also mail your drum in for repairs as well.



Drum Re-skinning
Drum re-skinning starts at $120 (including skin). Sometimes, further work and or materials may be necessary or recommended (i.e. replacement rope, metal rings and welding, woodwork and body repair) Since drum repair is a fine art and will vary for each instrument, all jobs taken on will be carefully inspected on receipt and quoted accordingly.
We gladly offer discounts for schools, education centers, etc.

Re-tuning Drum Skins

Fine-tuning (including a tuning lesson) $20

Full tune up (vertical ropes need pulling) $40

Drum Repairs
Pachamama Drums provides experienced artisan techniques, so if you have any other problems (cracked shell, broken rings, sharp rim), I’ll assess the drum and see how I can help.

Please call 404-456-9932, email info@archaicroots.com, or contact me with the form to the right.



  • Djembe Repair
  • Doumbek Repair
  • Frame Drum (Medicine Drum) Repair
  • Native American Drum Repair
  • Powwow Drum Repair
  • Dun Dun Repair
  • Tabla Repair
  • Ashiko Repair
  • Peg Drum Repair
  • Bongo Repair
  • Conga Repair
  • Bata Drum Repair





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Frame Drum Building- Weekend Workshop
Birth your own frame drum (shaman drum) from scratch weekend! Learn the process of cleaning drum skins, building frames, and birth your own drum in one weekend!
August 10, 2018 - August 12, 2018 $175.00 BOOK NOW
Private Visionary Immersion
This weekend long retreat is built for you, with the instruments and topics you would like to work on during our time together.  During your personal immersion we can build various instruments like a bamboo didgeridoo, Native American style flute, drum, rattle, or a pit fired ocarina. If you don’t want to build an instrument, we can work on other projects such as a personal smudge fan, dream-catchers, or whatever your heart desires. Want to explore rarely seen natural treasures in southern Appalachia? Let’s go explore the local waterfalls, trails and more; collect materials for art or instruments, learn about medicinal plants, or discuss historical or cultural aspects of the area or world. Spend the weekend in a your own tent, in our tipi, primitive cabin, or in a private in-dome bedroom with bathroom; it’s all up to you.
$300.00$500.00 ADD TO CART
Native American Style Flute Building Workshop
Cost & Materials: $100 includes all materials for creating your own flute around 18″ long or less, standard tuning of A, C, G, and F are available. All other materials will be provided and are included in the price of the workshop. Also, please pack a lunch, I will provide fruit and vegetables for snacks.
March 10, 201810:00 am $100.00 Expired
Mystic Arts Immersion Gathering
Mystic Arts Immersion Gathering was envisioned to be a networking and sharing event sharing tools & techniques in the cross-cultural mystic perspective. An eclectic group of facilitators will lead you in tool and instrument making workshops, classes, unique ceremonial spaces, and inspirational experiences in our natural surroundings via hikes and outdoor discussions. Our community will share time, wisdom, and skills to help create a weekend full of learning and reciprocity. We will gather to share our perspectives and skills to help spread those into the world, and connect with like minded individuals.
May 25, 2018 - May 27, 2018 $50.00$100.00 BOOK NOW