Solar Eclipse Retreat- Drumming The Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine

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Reading Time: 2 minutes Join us for another one of our Rainforest Retreats! We have just partnered up with Archaic Roots to throw an even Bigger and Better Retreat than EVER! Celebrating the Solar Eclipse and the Sacred Masculine/ Divine Feminine- we will have … Continued

What is an educational indigenous instrument presentation?

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Reading Time: 2 minutes So, would you like to know what an educational indigenous instrument presentation is? An educational indigenous instrument presentation is a concept I created myself. With a large collection of indigenous instruments, I educate the audience on the various instruments, their … Continued

The Surprising Complexity of the Mesoamerican Ocarina

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Small Packages: The Surprising Complexity of the Mesoamerican Ocarina The ocarina or “globe flute” as it is sometimes known, is an extremely ancient instrument with a somewhat misunderstood past. Once dismissed as toys or trinkets by archeologists, ocarinas have come … Continued